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AI-Powered Global Device Solution Platform

Fixtops is your first global RaaS platform for device enthusiasts. We connect you with vetted professionals to help you with all your device care needs. An Austin-based Repair-as-a-Service platform connecting users globally with vetted professionals for device care. Its AI enables users to describe issues naturally, offering solutions or connecting them with experts for complex problems. Customers praise its exceptional service, quick technicians, and transparent pricing, eliminating guesswork. A premium subscription provides exclusive features like diagnostics reports and real-time chat support. Collaborating with skilled professionals, fixtops ensures prompt on-demand support. Contact them via email or phone for assistance.

Journey Through Challenges: Building fixtops from the Ground Up

As a team at fixtops, we've encountered numerous challenges in getting our company off the ground. From validating the market and developing our technology to acquiring partners and customers, each step required our collective perseverance and dedication. Managing operational logistics, ensuring a seamless customer experience, and navigating regulatory compliance have all been part of our journey. However, overcoming these hurdles has been rewarding, demonstrating our team's commitment to providing innovative solutions and excellent service through fixtops.

AI-driven Technology

Fixtops' AI enables users to describe device problems using natural language, providing relevant solutions and guidance.

Vetted Professional Network

Users can connect with skilled professionals vetted by fixtops to swiftly resolve complex device issues.

Automated Diagnostics

Fixtops' AI conducts automated diagnostics of devices based on user inputs and historical data, quickly identifying potential issues and recommending appropriate solutions without the need for human intervention.

Premium Subscription

A premium subscription offers exclusive features such as in-depth diagnostics reports, real-time chat support, and continuous updates for a seamless troubleshooting experience.

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Fixtops AI.
Fixtops Texhnology Services LLC
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